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Our leisure activities for children and the whole family

Our safe play areas for children


Each of our campsites open for rental have playgrounds for the younger ones. The children can have fun without risk and with complete peace of mind for the parents. Slides, swingsand roped courses await the little ones. Inflatable structures are also installed to bounce and slide without limit in the form of giant castle or sea monster. Everything is done so that the children spend real moments of fun and pleasure!

inflatable castle
multi-sports ground

Our sports fields to play together

At our Mirabel Campsites, we do everything possible to ensure that you can get together with your family and friends and share moments of complicity and fun. Our multi-sports fields are ideal for these exchanges, basketball panels, handball goals, on synthetic surface or fenced asphalt, they are the ideal place for your sporting moments of the day. People like to meet there to “kick the ball”, to sit and chat or to compete in teams around a volleyball or basketball tournament for example. During the season, our animators meet regularly to organize great games such as olympiads, or even muscular awakenings to start a beautiful summer day.

All you have to do is put on your sneakers and we’ll see you on your campsite’s multisport court!

Our boulodromes for petanque games

A camping trip without a game of petanque is not a real camping trip, is it? This is a good thing because we have taken care to create dedicated spaces. Bowling alleys, divided into several courts to organize tournaments, are at your disposal. Not a big fan of petanque? No problem, nothing prevents you from starting a game of shuffleboard or Mölkky.

petanque tournament camping
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