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Mirabel campsites commit to the planet

Campings & Résidences Mirabel is committed to protecting the environment. Numerous actions are being carried out at each of the 8 campsites in our 3 regions of Normandy, Brittany and Pays de la Loire to limit the impact of vacations on our planet.

Les campings Mirabel s'engagent pour la planète

Sustainable transition in campsites

It’s always possible to take action!

In 2024, we’re really waking up to the need to change things. It’s time to change our habits to preserve our planet. Tourism, even camping, emits pollution and contributes to the overuse of natural resources. We therefore decided to embark on a sustainable transition with the support of Ademe and the Sustainable Tourism Fund. Our campsites in Brittany are already well advanced in this process, but others are lagging behind. So we’re getting down to business right away with our first projects: waste sorting, composting, sustainable purchasing to replace disposables, soft mobility and solar lighting… The ideas are flowing, and here are the first actions we‘ve put in place:

How do you sort your garbage at the campsite?

By coming to our Mirabel campsites for your family vacation, you can continue to sort your waste and limit your impact on the environment. Since this year, we have set up composters for your food waste (please note that rules apply; please ask at reception) , garbage cans for recyclable waste (yellow garbage cans), glass containers within the campsite or nearby, as well as household waste garbage cans.

To help you, we provide bio-bins and yellow bins with instructions on how to sort your waste. No more excuses 😉

What’s the Mirabel camper kit?

Because every gesture counts, Mirabel Campings & Residences continues its commitment to sustainable development. In order to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, we have decided to replace disposable items with sustainable ones in our rentals:

  • Durable mattress cover in every room on every mattress
  • Washable pillows and pillowcases
  • Washable sponge or dishwashing brush
  • Ecolabelled cleaning products with refills

Changing our habits is good for the planet!

Of course, we’re counting on you, dear holidaymakers, to limit the use of disposable products. It’s with you that we can build our eco-responsible camping approach for green vacations accessible to all.

How can we preserve biodiversity and nature at Mirabel campsites?

In each of our parks, you can observe and appreciate our landscaped areas, maintained by our passionate teams. To take care of all these green spaces, all the natural resources we can find on each campsite are re-used (water, shavings, shreds, etc.). Chemical treatments and phytosanitary products are no longer used.

The green spaces charter is signed by all our residents, who play an active role in preserving the natural environment of our campsites. Thanks to them for their efforts!

The same applies to all our cleaning products for common areas, equipment and rentals: we now choose eco-labelled products for ever more responsible actions within our establishments.

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